Trompin’ in the Rain!

This weekend’s Austin City Limits Music Festival, marks the official close of the year’s summer fests. The fall rains are upon us (and those at ACL as well…hellooooo wet concert goers!), but that obviously doesn’t mean our dancing days are over:

Photo by Sara Cress for

Photo by Sara Cress for

A view of the scene today at the Austin City Limits Festival.

Liquid joy.  Photo by Jay Janner @

Liquid joy. Photo by Jay Janner for

No need for damp moods. Fall weather brings us some of the greatest things: falling leaves, hot coffee, dancing in the rain, and of course, fashionable rain gear! And what’s the best way to facilitate an impromptu Texas Two-Step or Rumba in the rain? The proper footwear, of course! As we transition from soft breezes to blustery near-freezes, here are some thoughts on how to keep your spirits stylish and your tootsies warm, dry and fantastically fashionable.

Pop Rock

Probably the best known waterproof boot today is the Hunter Wellington. These all-weather rain boots now come in every color of the rainbow and are handmade from a single piece of latex so they are truly watertight. Love these red glossies!

See how much festival goers love (and usually need) their Wellies? So much so that Hunter Boots has actually made a limited edition festival lace-up boot with rivet and buckle detail (see below):



Hunter's Limited Edition Festivals Photo:

Hunter's Limited Edition Festivals Photo:

Soft and Mellow

Here’s a version from Australian boot maker, Uggs. I like this update of the good ol’ celeb staple. They have the same cozy sheepskin lining as the regular soft Uggs, plus the protection of waterproof rubber on the outside. Splash on!



Just looking at these Marc by Marc Jacobs shearling lined rubber duck boots make me warm inside!



Heavy Metal

Check out Burberry’s metal chain detail. Chains and other metallic finishes such as studding are a trendy update to all fashion accessories:



The rain boot with attitude! KORS by Michael Kors gives us this fantastic biker boot in waterproof rubber with metal studding and ring. Stay dry and motor on!



So see? Rainy weather shouldn’t make you sing the blues–unless you want to! Fall rocks, rain or shine!


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  1. Gorr Says:

    Good job. Love it! Hey you need your pic in your banner!!!

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