Vintage Vibe

There’s something about exploring antique stores. Just popped into one venue in the Dallas antiques district on Industrial Boulevard late this afternoon before closing, and walked away with nothing but inspiration! Here are some jewels taken from my iPhone:


How great would it be to have an open cupboard full of Fiesta? I have started my own collection, but nowhere near this fantastic!

Tinsel and Jesus

That time of year: a tinsel tree and the reason for the season!


I'm coveting these tassel-y, sparkly earbobs!


Gorgeous glass doorknobs. They make me want to buy a house just to remodel! It's the little things...


Bonjour, je m'apelle Monique.


There must have been dozens of these poor critters scattered around the antique store. Their little mouths are hinged into clips. Must research how these were worn back in the day. Sorry, little fellas.


Treasures inside the chest


Lots of antlers. It is Texas, after all.


Medals, medallions, pins, etc.


Hiya, dollface!


Spools and balls of yarn make me want to bust out the knitting needles. I know they're around here somewhere!

That does it. I’m going back earlier next week. There just simply wasn’t enough time to soak it all in! I’m also raring to shop my own closet in the coming days. I know there are buried treasures there too. Watch this space!


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3 Responses to “Vintage Vibe”

  1. Tracy V Says:

    This is great…..I didn’t even know we had antique shops that fabulous in Dallas. I will have to do some research and go check more of them out. Thanks for the post.

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