Holiday Scribbles, Part 1

In case you hadn’t noticed, The Holidays have been rapping ever so gently on our noggins for a little while now. But as with every year, those aggressive little elves are creeping up on us in not-so-stealth mode, pretty much ready to pounce any moment now.

I’ve been filing certain images into holiday categories in my brain for a little while now…just waiting for the right combination of festive inspiration before it turns into desperation. There are some definite themes starting to gel. Here. Take a look at some of my notes:

  • Bold Black/White/Red:
  • My friend Kelly’s Manhattan apartment is decorated exclusively in black, white and red color combinations. I went to visit her in New York for a couple of days in early October. On the first afternoon I was there, I stepped out to go to Bloomingdale’s on 59th and Lexington and somehow found myself riding the escalator to the very top floor. I’m not sure what led me all the way up to Housewares, but I saw two Bloomie’s employees putting the finishing touches on this!


    The graphic black, white and red tree at Bloomingdales, New York

    I just LOVE the bold checks and stripes on the ornaments and the pops of red are actually little red jackets on Bloomie’s shopper doll ornaments! Adorable!

    For a more ornate approach to black, white and red decorations, here are some sequined pieces handcrafted by Jane at etsybitsyspyder:


    Beautiful beadwork! Photo:

    Bold Black, White and Red isn’t just for hanging on the tree, either. There are tons of options for holiday dressing, hanging out with friends and loved ones, or even those last-minute happy hours. I found lots of set to choose from on Polyvore that fit this bill. I even created a tiny collection of sets for you!

    View ‘Black, White, Red Holiday’ on Polyvore


    Ready for your parties? Photo: (click pic for collection)

  • Eco-Chic/Greener Christmas:
  • It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the most wasteful. And yeah, yeah, we want to be conscious of how our decisions are affecting the globe, but just how chic can that possibly be?

    Check out this funky plywood tree from Burotree.


    Burotree's plywood tree. Photo:

    The company claims it leaves a smaller ecological footprint (than traditional Christmas trees) by utilizing a low-energy production technique to minimize waste. Plus, just like other artificial trees, you can reuse it year after year, but the great thing is, this puppy packs FLAT for the best transportation and storage.

    Now, here’s something that will make you feel ::sparkly:: about being eco-conscious this season: organic, fair trade and earth-friendly liquor and mixers!


    Liquors and mixers and booze, oh my! Photo:

    What a great way to create a Peace on Earth-friendly signature cocktail at your party, yes? Click on the photo above for several eco-drink recipes.

    Okay, my friends. I actually have several more holiday ideas rolling around my brain, but alas, time has gotten away from me, so I’m breaking my thoughts into parts. Stay tuned for the next installment of my holiday notes/scribbles…coming soon!


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    One Response to “Holiday Scribbles, Part 1”

    1. KK Says:

      This entry was great. My tree project is coming along nicely. Can’t wait to get it up after Thanksgiving.

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