City Lights: Brights and Whites

The switch was flipped this evening at the Neiman Marcus flagship on Main Street in downtown Dallas. In a flash, we’re now speeding headlong into the Holiday 2009 season. I don’t know whether to sing out or to break into a full-on panic. Tonight, I simply enjoyed:

Neiman Marcus, sparking in the rain. Main Street, Dallas

The book tree, made of thousands of stacked books, is lit up behind Santa's special chair.

Book Tree again, from the outside of the store.

Books: the gateway to... shoes??!

Guarding all those books can be quite a tall order.

In addition to the books and the fun (including a super-cool system of book tubes that the kids could crawl through, play in and dance around), there was another flavor to NM’s holiday windows…

The Whites.

From pearly white beads to snow-flocked and feathered skirts, every incarnation of wintry whites were seen in the fashion windows around the square block of the Neiman Marcus building.

Draped in Cream. Perhaps my favorite NM 2009 window. Look at the expressions on the mannequins!

Pearlized. NM Holiday 2009

Expressive mannequin in white layers. NM Holiday 2009

Fluffy Whites! NM Holiday 2009

Snowball Fights! NM Holiday 2009

And to All a Good Night. Stay Warm! NM Holiday 2009


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