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The Amazing Lace

December 28, 2009

Wondering what to wear for the festivities on Thursday night? Why not try a little lace? Love these lace looks for New Year’s Eve and well into the new year! Lace can be extremely elegant and dressy, or can be worn as an overlay to more casual pieces, mixed with prints, or even printed on a tee or leggings. Have fun and get creative with lace, because anything goes on New Year’s Eve!

Fantasy Dress: I have been dreaming about this stunning Dior dress ever since I thumbed through the New York Times Holiday 2009 issue of T Magazine. I imagine wearing this over a simple slip, complemented with lace-up boots.

Dreams of Dior Photo: NYT's T Magazine, Holiday 2009

Much More Realistic: Why not try a cool alternative to a cocktail dress? Mix everyday basic pieces with touches of glam. Start with a solid basic tee (this one’s from Champion), add a faux fur DKNY hooded jacket, and add the gorgeous copper-threaded lace skirt by 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Photo: Marie Claire, November 2009 issue.

Provided you can still get some of the Rodarte for Target collection at your local store, check out this lace-on-lace action: Black lace cardigan over gray leopard sequin dress, black lace tights, and bow belt in leopard. Meow! I did see a lot of the collection still in my local target store. In fact, I picked up a navy blue lace tee (pretty!).

Photo: NYmag

Accessory Alert! Lace leggings and tights are everywhere! They look amazing worn under dresses, tunics and skirts.

Lace leggings Photo:

Lace-Ups: And lace doesn’t necessarily have to mean intricate or decorative fabric or trim. Consider lacing up a corset, some denim, or smokin’ hot boots.

Casual Glamour from Shopbop features a fabulous lace-up black denim jean by Current Elliot. Photo: Shopbop

Even Bunnies Love Lace: See, even Fifi Lapin, the worlds most stylish bunny loves lace. She also has some brilliant styling tips regarding wearing and accessorizing lace numbers…

Fifi Lapin wears lace. Sketch:


Where Does the Time Go? 2010 Calendars

December 22, 2009

Whoa. Where does the time go? I can’t believe I let so many days go by without updating. I can promise you that won’t happen again. I am starting to really enjoy blogging (such a newbie…this is my very first blog!), but it truly is amazing how quickly the time goes by and how easy it is to miss a whole week if you’re not careful–and I obviously wasn’t very careful this past week, was I?

Let’s talk about time. Sweet, precious time. Stylish time. Crazy time! Time to update the old calendars, right? I love this calendar from Cranky Pressman, first and foremost for the fact that I agree that 2009 was a growling bear of a year, but also because I’m in love with letterpress printing. This is such a fabulous example of ending this decade with a fantastic ROAR!!

Goodbye, bear of a year. Hello, fresh new decade! Click image for details on how to create your own - happy one! - for 2010. Photo: Cranky Pressman

It’s time to update our calendars, and if you’re like me, you record all of your pertinent information in your iPhone and let the alarms do the talking. I like that format because I can take my calendar with me wherever I go.

This leaves the traditional wall or desk calendar to take on new meaning. I love some of these ideas, from chic to cheeky…they are a fantastic way to brighten your day or dress your space!

Italian Marie Claire calendar. Click image for details. Photo: Refinery29

For the black and white fashion photography lover, here’s the Italian Marie Claire calender, which is inserted into the January issue of Italian Marie Claire. Love these swanky snaps!

Alicia Bock's Paris: A Love Story Photo:

Ahhh yes, Paris. I can almost feel a crisp Spring day, walking through the park or along the sidewalks in the Marias. Makes me long for my next trip. For now, I can stare at the photos…and perhaps pencil something in?

J'adore these galoshes! Photo: Decor 8

Don’t you love the look of handcrafted and hand-drawn artwork? I love this little pocket calendar with the cute galoshes on the cover.

Silkscreened poster calendar Photo: Estasketch's Etsy store. Click image for details.

I also really love the look of vintage posters. This one is hand silkscreened from an original, hand-drawn illustration. It kind of looks like an old rock poster, doesn’t it? Cool for that blank spot in the wall that needs that special…something.

Pretty, eco-friendly calendar sheets. Photo: Three Square Design

These are pretty and eco-friendly sheets with nature and graphic prints that look great tacked to a board or clipped on a string. Make a statement with multiple pages.

A Post-It a Day... Photo:

How cool is this? I love putting sticky notes all over everything…I mark pages and leave notes and stick them pretty much anywhere. This calendar is color coded by month and has a pop-up number that you can fold up every day! Brilliant!

Pop THIS! Click the link to pop the bubble wrap. Photo:

And of course, I saved the absolute BEST for last! Who doesn’t love popping bubble wrap to the point of obsession? Okay, maybe I’m speaking for myself, but when I found this calendar on the Refinery29 website, I practically jumped for joy and couldn’t click/pop over to the website fast enough to see where I could purchase this calendar. Unfortunately, it’s currently sold out. BUT WAIT! Don’t let that spoil your fun too much. You can click on the image to take you to a pop-able bubble calendar online.

2010 can’t come fast enough. Have fun!

Fun with Jane and Judy: An Evening at Guess by Marciano

December 11, 2009

Ever day-dreamed of tapping out an online blog where you could write about all of your favorite things? What about having that blog lead to fame, glamor, worldwide travel and your own line of shoes? Dallas’s own Jane Aldridge has done just that.

If you’ve ever done a little clicking around online looking for fashion inspiration, you’ve surely already come across the 17-year old’s blog, Sea of Shoes, where she posts photos of her own styling ideas, inspirational fashion spreads, and of course, her unbelievable shoe collection.

Jane’s blog has paved the way for some pretty amazing things that most of us will only keep day-dreaming about. It has led to her own shoe collaboration with Urban Outfitters.

Jane Aldridge, Sea of Shoes blogger with shoes from her Urban Outfitters line. Photo:

On top of that, Jane was recently recommended by Vogue to attend the Crillion Ball in Paris, where she wore Chanel Haute Couture, scoring a tour of Coco Chanel’s apartment after her fitting, and rubbed elbows with international debutantes.

Ever daydreamed about this??

Jane Aldridge in Chanel Haute Couture Photo: Sea of Shoes

Having a Ball! Photo: Sea of Shoes

Jane’s mother, Judy Aldridge, a fashion designer and vintage aficionado, attends, photographs and records events and inspiration on her own blog, Atlantis Home, and it’s very clear to see where Jane got much of her fabulous styling ability:

Judy Aldridge on her blog, Atlantis Home Photo: Atlantis Home

Judy in Coco Chanel's apartment in Paris. Photo: Atlantis Home

Last night Jane and Judy Aldridge hosted a festive event at Guess by Marciano benefiting Cook Children’s Medical Center in the Dallas Galleria. It was a sparkling event with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, makeup touch ups and hair by Toni and Guy, lots of glamorous goodies to try on, and a swag bag containing a Swarovski crystal bejeweled December issue of Harper’s Bazaar!

Sparking Marciano! Dallas Galleria

Enjoying the Marciano event.

Swag!! Swarovski crystal bejeweled Harper's Bazaar magazine with Twilight cover!

Judy Aldridge, me, Jane Aldridge at Guess by Marciano in the Dallas Galleria

I enjoyed meeting and talking with Judy and Jane…we compared a few shopping and blogging notes. If these ladies are any indication of where a day-dream can lead, I’m definitely going to keep doing it!

Antsy for the Flea.

December 4, 2009

Who wants to go to this with me tomorrow? It’s at Southside on Lamar from 9am to 4pm. I can’t wait to see all the local goodness!

The Dallas Flea. Click this for details.

Oh la la! Barbie’s Rockin’ Her Louboutins!

December 4, 2009

Look out, J. Lo! We know you love your Louboutins, but guess who got to spend an incredibly fashionable year in Paris with Christian Louboutin as her personal tour guide and fashion consultant? That’s right! Barbie (soooo jealous!).

Louboutin Loves Barbie! Click photo for details on

She’s had many makeovers in her lifetime (did you know that Barbie turned 50 this year? Remarkable!), and this time she’s stepped up her style and stepped into the iconic red-soled world of Louboutins. Not only that, the buxom blond bombshell is now amazingly auburn!

Here’s a peek at some of Barbie’s travel adventures with Christian:

Shopping in Christian's boutique. Photo:

Showgirl Barbie on the flying trapeze! Photo:

One of my favorite places in the world (lucky Barbie!), the gardens at the Louvre. Photo:

Arriving on the Red Carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. Photo:

Barbie, dreaming of being a jewel thief in her sexy catsuit and studded Louboutins. Photo:

The limited edition ‘Cat Burglar’ doll is dressed in a black catsuit, and comes with a collection of 4 teeny-tiny red-soled Louboutins that are exact replicas of the full-size version, each with their own shoe box and signature red bag!

Louboutin Barbie limited edition packaging. Photo:

Child’s play or not, I know exactly what’s going to go on many stylish gift lists this year.