Oh la la! Barbie’s Rockin’ Her Louboutins!

Look out, J. Lo! We know you love your Louboutins, but guess who got to spend an incredibly fashionable year in Paris with Christian Louboutin as her personal tour guide and fashion consultant? That’s right! Barbie (soooo jealous!).

Louboutin Loves Barbie! Click photo for details on Net-a-Porter.com

She’s had many makeovers in her lifetime (did you know that Barbie turned 50 this year? Remarkable!), and this time she’s stepped up her style and stepped into the iconic red-soled world of Louboutins. Not only that, the buxom blond bombshell is now amazingly auburn!

Here’s a peek at some of Barbie’s travel adventures with Christian:

Shopping in Christian's boutique. Photo: highsnobette.com

Showgirl Barbie on the flying trapeze! Photo: highsnobette.com

One of my favorite places in the world (lucky Barbie!), the gardens at the Louvre. Photo: highsnobette.com

Arriving on the Red Carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. Photo: highsnobette.com

Barbie, dreaming of being a jewel thief in her sexy catsuit and studded Louboutins. Photo: highsnobette.com

The limited edition ‘Cat Burglar’ doll is dressed in a black catsuit, and comes with a collection of 4 teeny-tiny red-soled Louboutins that are exact replicas of the full-size version, each with their own shoe box and signature red bag!

Louboutin Barbie limited edition packaging. Photo: net-a-porter.com

Child’s play or not, I know exactly what’s going to go on many stylish gift lists this year.


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