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The Amazing Lace

December 28, 2009

Wondering what to wear for the festivities on Thursday night? Why not try a little lace? Love these lace looks for New Year’s Eve and well into the new year! Lace can be extremely elegant and dressy, or can be worn as an overlay to more casual pieces, mixed with prints, or even printed on a tee or leggings. Have fun and get creative with lace, because anything goes on New Year’s Eve!

Fantasy Dress: I have been dreaming about this stunning Dior dress ever since I thumbed through the New York Times Holiday 2009 issue of T Magazine. I imagine wearing this over a simple slip, complemented with lace-up boots.

Dreams of Dior Photo: NYT's T Magazine, Holiday 2009

Much More Realistic: Why not try a cool alternative to a cocktail dress? Mix everyday basic pieces with touches of glam. Start with a solid basic tee (this one’s from Champion), add a faux fur DKNY hooded jacket, and add the gorgeous copper-threaded lace skirt by 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Photo: Marie Claire, November 2009 issue.

Provided you can still get some of the Rodarte for Target collection at your local store, check out this lace-on-lace action: Black lace cardigan over gray leopard sequin dress, black lace tights, and bow belt in leopard. Meow! I did see a lot of the collection still in my local target store. In fact, I picked up a navy blue lace tee (pretty!).

Photo: NYmag

Accessory Alert! Lace leggings and tights are everywhere! They look amazing worn under dresses, tunics and skirts.

Lace leggings Photo:

Lace-Ups: And lace doesn’t necessarily have to mean intricate or decorative fabric or trim. Consider lacing up a corset, some denim, or smokin’ hot boots.

Casual Glamour from Shopbop features a fabulous lace-up black denim jean by Current Elliot. Photo: Shopbop

Even Bunnies Love Lace: See, even Fifi Lapin, the worlds most stylish bunny loves lace. She also has some brilliant styling tips regarding wearing and accessorizing lace numbers…

Fifi Lapin wears lace. Sketch:


Over-the-Knees, Please!

November 4, 2009

Yesterday a simple Facebook status update led to a rousing (and unrelated) discussion of fall trends: denim, dresses and how much we all love boot season! Comments back and forth had me thinking of all the newest over-the-knee boot looks, and then lo and behold, this morning my email in-box brought me this trend report from


Over-the-Knee Boots (aka. OTK) Trend Report from

I agree with what WhoWhatWear has to say about this aggressive fashion look–OTK boots make all other fall boot options seem a bit passe. But they also add a styling caution:

As is so often the case, the key to executing this look lies in the styling. An OTK boot obviously makes a bold statement, so try to temper their inherent sexiness with more modest pieces. (Essentially, you want to avoid any outfit that makes you look like you’re channeling Vivian in Pretty Woman!)

Browsing for some additional looks, I found some amazing ideas at Shopbop.


Platform knee-grazers rock the military look. Photo:


OTK Wedges! Adore these with equestrian jodhpurs and plaid poncho coat. Photo:


Bold pattern and a pop of color with the bag add spice to this look. Photo:


Flat OTKs are versatile, beautiful, and best of all, comfortable! Photo:

Okay, decision made. I am officially in love with the flat OTKs. Look, sometimes boots you adore are not so kind to your tootsies. And sometimes flats are not the most flattering. These flat over-the-knee boots have the best of the best as far as footwear is concerned — stylish flair and foot-loving wear.

Fair Statements (and DIY Replies!)

October 19, 2009
Baby, you're a star!  The Texas Star at The State Fair of Texas.

Baby, you're a star! The Texas Star at The State Fair of Texas.

Who doesn’t simply adore a crisp fall day at the FAIR?! Last Thursday, it finally stopped raining and I had the opportunity to attend one of the final days of the 2009 State Fair of Texas: Home of famous fried cuisine that includes Fletcher’s Corny Dogs (my true love!), fried cookie dough, fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…and *gulp* fried butter (!!!). Also home of thrilling rides (see the 212 ft. Texas Star, above), expansive auto shows, tons of livestock, and games that I will never, ever win, but get a kick out of watching others try!

And synonymous with fairs everywhere, the Creative Arts pavilion is where to find ribbon-winners in more than 1,100 categories, including canning, fibers, photography, jewelry, vintage collections, and crafts. I took a stroll through the building and found so much inspiration that it got me thinking: I could/should make this, and that…and THAT!

…which got me snapping photos in the pavilion and when I got home I started clicking through online blogs for similar hip and fashionable DIY projects. Check out some of these little gems!

State Fair Statement: Lace Doilies

One of the first things that I saw when I walked into the Creative Arts pavilion was this amazing red lace heart. It was tiny, and I was excited to see it (you’ll see why), so forgive the blurry photo.

tiny, handcrafted red lace heart

tiny, handcrafted red lace heart

DIY Reply: Lace Necklaces

Once I saw that intricate red lace doily, I just had visions of amazing statement necklaces like these:

Beaded lace necklace.  Photo:

Beaded lace necklace. Photo:

Black lace necklace.  Photo:

Black lace necklace. Photo:

State Fair Statement: Chain Jewelry

I really loved this chain bracelet from a collection that had been submitted. There were a lot of vintage collections showcased in the creative arts section, and this one was actually something that I’d love to wear today (how great would this look with a simple tee and denim?).

Vintage chain jewelry showcased at the 2009 State Fair of Texas

Vintage chain jewelry showcased at the 2009 State Fair of Texas

DIY Reply: Boot Chains

One of the most fabulous details we’ve seen on boots this season is chain detail, and how cool is this idea? Fabsugar shows us how to create the look on her website!

Add some metal to your pedals!  Click photo for details.  Photo:

Add some metal to your pedals! Click photo for details. Photo:

State Fair Statement: Art Deco Exterior

I absolutely love the Art Deco style of all of the buildings on the fairgrounds. Fair Park is a National Historic Landmark and boasts the largest collection of art deco exposition buildings in the United States. Look at these beauties:

An expo building that now houses an auto show during the State Fair.

An expo building that now houses an auto show during the State Fair.

One of the Art Deco sculputures that highlight the expo buildings.

One of the Art Deco sculputures that highlight the expo buildings.

DIY Reply: Art Deco Interior

This link will tell you step-by-step how to make this beautiful Art Deco style table.

Handcraft a mirrored Art Deco style table.  Photo:

Handcraft a mirrored Art Deco style table. Photo:

Bonus DIY Reply! Art Deco Headband

The crowning moment! Check out this sparkly-fun and very deco headband, found on P.S. – I made this… (crafty little site!). Easy as 1…2…3.

Click pic for more how-to information.

Click pic for more how-to information.

Well, I need to get going. So much to do! Those glue guns aren’t going to heat themselves. And I can’t wait to do a follow up entry to show you all of the amazing things that I’ve created *fingers crossed*.

Happy DIY-ing!