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Let it Snowflake, 2009!

November 27, 2009

Had the most wonderful Thanksgiving feast at my parents’ place yesterday. Best of all, it was a stunningly gorgeous day, so after our meal I shared an hour or so on the front porch with my mom–soaking in the sun and letting the day slowly fade away. Mom goes all-out in the holiday decorating department, and I loved how the sun sparkled through one of the snowflakes she’d hung so much that I had to capture it on my iPhone:

Snowflake in the sun...Thanksgiving, 2009

Of course, we know that Thanksgiving is followed by Black Friday which marks the unofficial start of the winter season. If you live in a climate like we do here in Dallas, you know you’re not going to see real snowflakes for a while…maybe not until January (if at all!).

But that doesn’t mean we don’t think about the chill in the air and the crispness of winter and the thrill of seeing the first snowflakes of the season. I say we enjoy the thought now while it’s still fresh and clean and sparkly!

How about some ideas inspired by snowflakes? Don’t you love the crystalline facets?


I love how these tie-dyed leggings from Plan B capture the faceted look in a unique way (kinda like a snowflake, right? No two tie-dyes are ever the same!).

Photo: Behind the Seams blog (

It wouldn’t be the holidays without sweaters and cozy wraps, and I know what you’re thinking. I’m not talking the jingle-bellish, snowman infested Rudolph sweaters (but if that’s your desire, take a look at this site, where you can design your own tchotchke-d up holiday sweater!).

Look at these luscious crocheted pieces. I’m inspired by very open stitches this season. They are perfect for layering over bold or tonal colors, and even prints:


Giant Snowflake crochet project. Click image for instructions on how to make this project. Photo:

In addition to open stitches or yarns, openness and cut-outs in other forms of design are fantastic as well. This white cut-out chair from JANUS et Cie has a snowflake-like effect:


I also love the crystalline effects of snow. Don’t you adore a fresh layer of snow that just sparkles in the sun? Here’s a brilliant gift idea from Anthropologoe.

Glass decor bottle topped with a sparkling iron and crystal stopper. Photo:

Another sparkling handcrafted gift idea I found on Sterling Rose Design’s etsy store:

Sparkling Swarovski crystal snowflake pendant. Click photo to shop. Photo:

And of course, we couldn’t finish off a post-Thanksgiving entry without dessert! I stumbled across these stunning snowflake cupcakes online and think I need to try these (to give to friends, of course!)–white chocolate snowflakes, vanilla buttercream icing, vanilla cupcakes…joy!

Pretty! Tasty! Photo:

Come on winter…the holidays have arrived. Bring it on!


Hey Babycakes!

October 22, 2009

My parents are coming to visit tomorrow. My mom and I are going to celebrate our birthdays together (her’s was yesterday and mine’s on Monday). So in honor of our *small groan* milestones, I made mini cupcakes!

Happy Birthday to Mom and me!

Happy Birthday to Mom and me!

As I was finishing up and getting ready to sit down at my desk and check my email and maybe flip through some magazines, I picked up the November issue of Glamour and what did I spy? Scarlett Johansson, looking much like my sprinkled cupcakes in this darling Lanvin tee!

Scarlett Johansson looking sweet on the cover of Glamour's November issue.

Scarlett Johansson looking sweet on the cover of Glamour's November issue.

Cute, no? I also love the stacked and mismatched layers of bracelets. All that and she’s now a fellow redhead? Delicious!

Even more strange parallels? In the Glamour interview, when asked about possibly getting burnout at 30 because she’s so busy, Scarlett answers, “You never know. I might open my own bakery!”

Okay, I’m off to tear through these magazines and hope that I can control the urge to indulge in those sweets! Enjoy.