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Mulberry + Apple = A Tasty Combination

November 7, 2009

I have a few mottos. Some I can’t say here. But one that I can divulge is, “Have Laptop, Will Travel.”

Lately I’ve been finding myself taking my laptop with me wherever I go. With more and more wifi access areas popping up everywhere (including a recent flight I took from Dallas to New York), it only makes sense to bring along my sweet, trusty MacBook. I mean, you never know when you’re going to want to write a blog entry, pay an online bill, or ream someone’s Facebook status, right?

In fact, I actually almost lost that same sweet MacBook on the flight back to Dallas (a harrowing story that included major panic, many frantic phone calls, speeding back to DFW Airport, and even a couple of tears…ending with hugging the gate agent waaaaaay too tightly). Trust me, you don’t ever want this to happen to you.

But today while roaming around online I found a link to Mulberry’s new accessory collaboration with Apple. These pieces are so beautiful, there’s no WAY I’d accidentally leave one under the seat in front of me (I don’t care how intriguing that man sitting next to me is). *ahem*

The nine-piece collection consists classic pieces from the British brand adapted to accommodate Apple’s technology – from padded interiors to holes and eyelets for ear phones – including the patent black Bayswater, the Daria clutch, and mini-messengers for iPhones:


Mulberry + Apple collection for MacBooks and iPhones Photo:


Black patent Bayswater is classic Mulberry with padding inside. Photo:


Love this rugged Brynmore bag. Fits the 15-inch MacBook Pro. Photo:


A pop of pink! Mulberry's Daria sleeve fits the 13-inch MacBook. Photo:


The Bayswater mini is pure iPhone fashion! Photo:

These bags have just launched in Europe (November 1st), and will be available December 1st on the Mulberry website. And yes, while I know that some of these bags and sleeves are budget busters (a friend noted that some of these are just as expensive as the product they’re meant to hold), I have no doubt that there will be stylish interpretations of these looks cropping up elsewhere soon. And while beautiful print sleeves and bags have been out there since the inception of the traveling laptop, check out some options by Janine King on Etsy:


Bold and colorful printed sleeves for MacBook by Janine King. Photo:

Know a traveling someone with a wish list? I certainly do!