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Over-the-Knees, Please!

November 4, 2009

Yesterday a simple Facebook status update led to a rousing (and unrelated) discussion of fall trends: denim, dresses and how much we all love boot season! Comments back and forth had me thinking of all the newest over-the-knee boot looks, and then lo and behold, this morning my email in-box brought me this trend report from


Over-the-Knee Boots (aka. OTK) Trend Report from

I agree with what WhoWhatWear has to say about this aggressive fashion look–OTK boots make all other fall boot options seem a bit passe. But they also add a styling caution:

As is so often the case, the key to executing this look lies in the styling. An OTK boot obviously makes a bold statement, so try to temper their inherent sexiness with more modest pieces. (Essentially, you want to avoid any outfit that makes you look like you’re channeling Vivian in Pretty Woman!)

Browsing for some additional looks, I found some amazing ideas at Shopbop.


Platform knee-grazers rock the military look. Photo:


OTK Wedges! Adore these with equestrian jodhpurs and plaid poncho coat. Photo:


Bold pattern and a pop of color with the bag add spice to this look. Photo:


Flat OTKs are versatile, beautiful, and best of all, comfortable! Photo:

Okay, decision made. I am officially in love with the flat OTKs. Look, sometimes boots you adore are not so kind to your tootsies. And sometimes flats are not the most flattering. These flat over-the-knee boots have the best of the best as far as footwear is concerned — stylish flair and foot-loving wear.